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ASTM D3330 Adhesion Test Method

ASTM D3330 standard is to test peel adhesion of the pressure-sensitive tape. ASTM D3330 Standard Test Method In terms of ASTM D3330, there are six test methods with different conditions required and the type of pressure-sensitive. Test method A measures the adherence of a single-coated tape which applies to a standard test panel with controlled pressure as the tape is peeled at 180 angles. Test method B measures the adherence to the backing of a single-coated tape. Test method B is similar to test method A. The difference between the two is that one tape is applied to the backing of another tape. Then, the rest process is the same as that of test method A. Test Method C is designed for double-coated tapes which consist of face side and liner side. To test adherence of the face side, the face side of the tape is down and applied to a stainless steel panel, remove the liner and put a trip of polyester film onto the liner side. The do the p